Hill Tribe women at work

When Irene and I worked together prior to Boutique C.H.I.L., we were introduced to a line of jewellery from Talis Inc. that we both instantly fell in love and wear almost daily.

Hill tribe silversmith at work

The lovely Canadian woman who we purchase the jewellery from has kindly given us some beautiful pictures from her last trip to Thailand. These particular silver creations are made there by the Karen Hill Tribe people.

Woman at work making silver beads

Known for their expert craftsmanship in fine sliver, the artisans create beads in many distinctive styles. The beads have many finishes which include smooth, textured, carved and hammered. They forge their own tools and stamps and use them to create floral patterns and symbols on silver beads and earrings, pendants and bracelets.

Working making silver jewellery

Talis is committed to following fair trade principles and works to provide artisans with a living wage for their work. Every purchase you make ensures that the Karen Hill Tribe artisans are able to afford health care and education for their families.

We find it to be attractive and versatile jewellery that you can mix and match easily with other great pieces from our store. So that's why we carry it at Boutiquechil.com: because we love it and hopefully you will too! :)