Fair Trade Hill Tribe Silver Jewellery

March 13, 2017 bypar
Attractive Sliver jewellery Hill tribe jewellery product news

We love this attractive and versatile jewellery that you can mix and match and wear everyday. We also love that it is free trade and provides the artisans with a living wage for their work. Click View more to read about the Karen Hill Tribe people of Thailand.

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Photo Shoot with Lea and Polina

January 26, 2017 bypar

This photo shoot happened in a space that fortunately we only had to use once. Lea who is 6' tall is the lovely model today. Polina Terleeva is our excellent photographer. Polina is not impressed with the space! She is also quite a bit shorter than Lea so sometimes she has to stand on a box. It was the first shoot for Boutique C.H.I.L. We are shooting the leggings which are currently on sale. So click view more to watch the video and then check out the store and buy some leggings! Love Ya

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Leggings Leggings

January 16, 2017 bypar
leggings product news

We sell great leggings because we love leggings! Click View more and read about our thoughts on leggings.

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Merry Xmas Joyeux Noël

November 29, 2016 bypar

Boutique Chil wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Click view more to watch the video and see the Xmas photo shoot. Today the très belle Lea Mclean is modelling and Polina Terleeva as usual, is the excellent photographer.

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So What's Boutique C.H.I.L.? Ce qui est Boutique C.H.I.L.?

October 15, 2016 bypar

Welcome to Boutique C.H.I.L. Click view more to find out what we are about. :)

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